Synway Recording Server


The Synway ATP2400 series recording servers (hereinafter referred to as ‘recording server’) support continuous 24-hour independent recording of analog calls, saving call records and audio files in the hard disk. Each call record includes the start time and the end time, phone numbers of the two parties, call length, station information, channel number, etc. They support online management, that is, allow users to do such operations as modify configurations, view real-time status, query recording files, backup files, through WEB. They are in hardware equipped with OLED display and configuration buttons for users to modify IP address, query channel state and hard disk information, eliminating the need of PC. ATP2400 series has three modules, ATP2400-8, ATP2400-16 and ATP2400-24, containing 8, 16, 24 channels respectively.
ATP2400 Recording Server is a great product resulting from Synway’s rich experience and leading technology in media processing and embedded system.


  • Recording Inquiry
  • Call Monitoring
  • Stastical Report
  • System Operational L og
  • Recording Paramaters
  • Disk Management
  • Recording Back Up
  • User Management
  • Channels Parameter
  • Number Filtering
  • Station Management
  • Customer Management
  • Alarming
  • Remote Reboot
  • Driver Configuration
  • Recording Server
  • Remote Modification
  • High Impedance Recording
  • Tone Detection
  • Voltage Detection