Redfone foneBRIDGE2 Dual Port T1/E1 - Simplifies Installation

  • True Plug & Play hardware
  • Simplifies cabling; place it wherever is most convenient 
  • Leverages commodity servers; no need for a certified box 
  • Eliminates requirement for proprietary T1/E1 cards 
  • Ethernet only requirement. No need to worry about having the correct PCI, PCI-X, PCIe slot!

Redfone foneBRIDGE2 Dual Port T1/E1 - Fully Asterisk Compatible
  • Employs native Asterisk™ TDMoE format and utilities
  • Compatible with PRI, channel banks and legacy PBX systems 
  • Follows standard Asterisk™ configuration rules and syntax

Redfone foneBRIDGE2 Dual Port T1/E1 - Target Applications
  • T1/E1 PRI Trunk termination
  • Legacy PBX-to-Asterisk integration 
  • High-Availability/Failover Asterisk clusters 
  • Channel Bank connectivity 
  • Mixed telephony environments ( E1 PRIs + T1 Channel Banks) 
  • Perfect for BLADE servers where PCI slots are not available. 
  • Asterisk and Trixbox Supported

Redfone foneBRIDGE2 Dual Port T1/E1 - Telephony Standards
  • PRI Switch Compatibility– EuroISDN, AT&T 4ESS, DMS 100, Lucent 5E, NI1/NI2; Network or CPE
  • Line Interface– Single, Dual or Quad T1/E1 (RJ45), per port configurable 
  • Line Encoding– AMI/B8ZS for T1, AMI/HDB3 for E1 
  • Super Frame (SF) and Extended Super Frame (ESF) 
  • Robbed Bit Signaling (RBS/CAS)

Redfone foneBRIDGE2 Dual Port T1/E1 - Warranty
  • 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee
  • 3 years parts and labor