Single Port foneBRIDGE2



  • PRI Switch Compatibility– EuroISDN, AT&T 4ESS, DMS 100, Lucent 5E, NI1/NI2; Network or CPE
  • Line Interface– Single T1/E1 (RJ45)
  • Line Encoding– AMI/B8ZS for T1, AMI/HDB3 for E1
  • Super Frame (SF) and Extended Super Frame (ESF)
  • Robbed Bit Signaling (RBS/CAS)
  • Short and Long Haul line build out (LBO)
  • Adaptive Equalizer for line attenuation conditioning
  • MFC/R2, SS7 support with 3rd party libraries Ethernet
  • 1x RJ45 10/100-BASE-TX Half/Full-duplex Echo Cancellation Details
  • On-board high speed digital signal processing with TI’s 6000™ DSP platform
  • Adaptive Digital “carrier class” G.168.v8 patented echo canceller
  • 128ms (1024 taps) of echo tail
  • Comfort Noise Generator
  • Automatic tail search, fast convergence, and no divergence due to double talk
  • Tone disabler for clear fax and modem communication